Project reference: 2011-1-HU1-GRU06-03650-2

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Ageing population is one of the main concerns of the European Union. Due to increased life expectancy and the decreasing number of births European population faces the challenges of having more older people and elderly as well as an ageing workforce. It has overwhelming consequences for not only the labour market but also for the society. Despite all the efforts of the EU to create greater social cohesion there seems to have an ever enlarging gap between generations. This gap is even more rapidly deepens due to the differences of competences in ICT.


Nowadays information sources and information exchanges are predominantly mediated by ICT applications and tools forming new ways of acquiring and sharing knowledge. While the young generation is motivated to use ICT and –we can state- grows up with absorbing its applications and manifold usage, people over 45 are lagging behind. It is not only that -as opposed to present day teens and youngsters in their 20ies- people 45+ do not find ICT as their natural part of their lives, but also most of the times they do not feel motivated enough to get a new start. Many times the reason is that they value active lifestyle and feel that using computers and other tools distracts attention from „more important” activities and enclosing individuals into a virtual world where sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle prevails. As a consequence, an engrowing generational gap is being envisaged where the reasons do not only correspond to the differences in technical background knowledge but also in differences on the views on life values. The project undertakes to overbridge this gap by offering older people ways of acquiring knowledge on ICT, which: 1) combats sedentary lifestyle and offers use in active lifestyle; 2) gives new means to create and maintain social connections; 3) offers informal and motivational ways of learning; 4) offers ways to share experience with national and European fellows, and 5) gives opportunities to be creative and pro-active by exploiting the gained knowledge.


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