Project reference: 2011-1-HU1-GRU06-03650-2

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Cultural Institute of Évora

Cultural Institution of Évora (ICE) is a recent nonprofit association created to develop in particular cultural activities. We are located in Évora, a city from the interior South Portugal with 55000 inhabitants, that is characterized by having high numbers of older people and isolation. We have around 120 seniors in our activities, which are our main target group developing activities in arts, music, theatre, literature, etc. Besides this we believe that every people need an integral development so, we believe that with OutdoorICT project we can develop activities considering ICT and new technologies. We believe that ICT is a way of access arts and culture and can make easier the adult integration. For this project, we intent to allow people to use ICT autonomous, by developing different classes, workshops, and other training courses. After that first step, we want to consider geocaching first a way to live healthier and develop active lifestyle, then, also a way to explore nature, heritage, monuments and learn a lot about them, so we will have our learners working on this field, establishing routes and paths for all the community.

Contact: Maria de Jesus Florindo - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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