Project reference: 2011-1-HU1-GRU06-03650-2

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In general, the main objective of the project is to provide opportunities for exploring ways of applying knowledge gained in the field of ICT to the promotion of active lifestyle by gaining and sharing knowledge and experiences of partners and participants and empowering people over45.

  To achieve the objectives, the partnership will use the following approaches:

- The project will highly rely on the expertise pooled in the participating organizations. By sharing experience, knowledge and best practices partners will gain new perspectives in the relevant topics, increase their potentials in collaborating with each other.

- The project will rely on experiences gained in previous or ongoing European Union projects including:

-  E-com45+ (Spain,

            - A sense of Place: presenting your locality (Italy)

            - mobile ICT-workshop for women in rural areas in a LEADER-project (Austria)


These projects will be presented in workshops embedded in the meeting schedules.

- Investigations by quantitative and qualitative methods alongside the above mentioned questions.

- Drawing conclusions on SOTA (State Of The Art) analyses and applying this in further activities.

- Developing ICT related outdoor activities with the main objective to promote healthy lifestyle (the recommended activity that each partner might undertake is geocaching)

- Each partner will be responsible to implement local activities and also to contribute to the common outputs of the project.


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