Project reference: 2011-1-HU1-GRU06-03650-2

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In general, the main objective of the project is to provide opportunities for exploring ways of applying knowledge gained in the field of ICT to the promotion of active lifestyle by gaining and sharing knowledge and experiences of partners and participants and empowering people over45.

The general objectives of the project are:

- to explore needs of the target groups

- to offer people 45+ opportunities to explore new ways of acquiring knowledge on ICT

- to make pathways to apply knowledge gained via ICT in the field of active lifestyle

- to combat intergenerational gaps

- to share experiences of partners and participants


Concrete objectives of the partnership are:

1) Investigating the needs of adult users 45+

2) Exploring ways to combine knowledge and expertise gained in the fields of health promotion, ICT and adult education

3) Sharing knowledge and expertise of project partners

4) Giving opportunities for people 45+ to explore new, entertaining but also useful ways of learning ICT (main topic: geocaching)

5) building up or empowering communities which -besides traditional ways of keeping contacts- are maintained by online social networks

6) overbridging intergenerational gaps

7) disseminating project results

8) evaluating main project activities and adopt necessary changes


The main questions the project is seeking answers to are: 1, What are the barriers of people 45+ to use ICT tools and applications extensively? 2, Can informal and entertaining ways of teaching ICT be a high motivatonal force for older people? 3, Can online social networking systems support social integration of the target group? 4, Can intergenerational gaps be diminished by applying new approaches?


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